Neighborhood Report

Learn About the Area You’re Considering Moving To

Here at Southern Heritage Realty we understand that you have needs such as proximity to a hospital, school ratings and nearby parks and shopping areas. In order to learn more about the area your are moving to (especially if you live out of area), we have created this easy to use form where you can obtain your own customized neighborhood report for the area you are considering moving to.


Why is this important? If you or someone you live with needs to be in close proximity to a hospital, then this will show you the nearest one. In addition, it is important to know if where you plan to live for the next few years has all of the items that are on your list. Are you a dog lover? For some dog owners, being close by to a clean and popular nature trail or dog park is a must.


If you are a parent, knowing which schools are in close proximity to your home and their grades is essential. School buses are based upon school zone/county. Once you obtain the report, you can then look through county or school website and see if your child will be able to attend the intended school.


If you attend a religious service regularly for your faith, the neighborhood report can also guide you as to the local places of worship. While it will not list every single place of worship in the city, it will provide a list of the closest one’s to your intended place of residence.


Becoming familiar with your area is a fun and educational process, and we are happy to help you begin the process. Should you have any more questions about Winter Garden, FL and what community events and local hot spots are in the area, make sure to contact a Southern Heritage Realtor as Winter Garden is their specific area of specialty.


Make sure to let one of our realtors know where you work and any commuting requests. For example, what is the farthest you are willing to travel for work? The more that your realtor knows about your needs and wants, the better a job they will do in finding you a property that meets your expectations.
If you are ready to enjoy the fun and opportunity living in Winter Garden, FL call us today